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Relationship Readings

Are you wondering if you'll ever find love? Are you curious if your love will last forever?  Will my ex come back to me? I have created a variety of unique love Tarot readings to help answer these questions and any other questions you may have for long lasting love.

Heart break Reading

Not all romantic encounters have a fairytale ending. During our pursuit of love, our hearts will inevitably get broken, but this doesn't mean we have to fall apart... this Tarot reading fora broken hear helps eliminate your suffering and empowers you to reclaim your personal power as you move on from that experience and open your heart again ready for the next person to step into your life.

Soul mate tarot reading

Reconciliation Tarot reading

Relationships are not always smooth sailing and sometimes it can seem impossible to repair a wounded love connection. This reconciliation Tarot spread provided the advice and guidance needed as you attempt to restore a relationship that has gone awry. Put your relationship back on track before its too late...

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