What is tarot

The tarot cards become my ears and eyes and provide me with a clear way to connect back to our soul purpose and divine energy so that I can be guided and give you the much-needed answers to the questions you ask. The tarot provides us with a beautiful journey back to what has been forgotten within us and often back to our heart space and a place of love.




My special story;

I come from a long line of Jamaican healers. We are the descendants of the Koromanti tribe from Ghana, brought to Jamaica in the 1700s as slaves. My grandmother was the 'obeah woman' (natural healer) for her district and would

tell us about our history growing up as children, of her great grandmother working in the cotton fields and often as a small child I would see her 'healing' and 'helping' others with her words and her her healing potions that she had created with her herbs from the bush or her garden and the knowledge passed down to her from her mother.


She would look at me and say 'you have my eyes' of which I found out later in my life that I too had the gift. I had the ability to see, feel and hear people and energy as my grandmother did... she would often 'see' in her dreams and tell us stories of how she helped the people in her community with her visions.

30 years on and here I am using all the tools and the gifts that have been given to me to continue on with my grandmothers work of healing and helping others in need, who seek guidance and comfort.

I know my grandmother would be so proud and happy that I am continuing on with the family gift. Nothing else gives me more joy in this life than helping others. It's added texture to my life so rich and full of love. I hope to continue doing this work for another 30 years.