Relationship Readings 

Relationships are complicated, and sometimes it's difficult to know what to do for the best and even more challenging when our hearts are confused or hurting. With a relationship reading, we find the kindest and the most successful solutions to guide you to the happiest and most positive outcomes and your heart back to a place of peace.


PastLife/Soul Mate Readings

Our past lives can tell us a lot about why we get stuck in certain situations and often give us clear answers on how we may break repeating patterns that are not serving us well.

I often find this can include our past romantic mates/soul mates and relationships.
Here we can find many answers as to why our lives are not moving the way we wish them to and how to change things for the better.



Your hands hold the most precious and divine guidance and secrets of the heart. We are all blessed with a blueprint of our lives placed upon our hands. It shows our destiny, our talents, our gifts and our challenges. As a palmist, I have learned how to read this map to give clarity and guidance to support you through your life journey. To get you back into a place of power and strength to find the answers you may be seeking.


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