May 15 2020


This is quite unique! This reading was maybe what I needed to learn about myself. I had gained some clarity that I didn't, maybe, want to assume in my past that I was now ready to receive. This reading is unique and resonated beyond anything. There was mention of things I never tell. The communication with Gilly is fluid, simple and full of love. It will bring more than usual. This reading goes deeper and more profound to your soul vibration 

Sarah Williams


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December 24 2020


I can't express enough how much I value the work of Psychic Parlour. It is tremendous, without words, and all the gratitude I have for this person for helping me through my journey. I decided to do this reading when I accepted that I am having a TF connection. Even if I don't want to associate myself with this. Some points in the reading actually happen the day I received it. If you feel guided to approach one of these readings with Psychic Parlour, please do so. Dive in and Trust. 💜


Emily Bayswater

 May 4 2019 

Coming from a more scientific background but having always been open to alternative, holistic approaches to life, energy and the Universe I am just amazed how accurate Gilly's readings actually are. She tunes right in with you and your energy and conveys the news in a very caring, yet light and playful manner, marvelous! 
Not only is her guidance through the cards thoughtful, Gilly comes up with considerate solutions you can implement so easily but most importantly successfully in your life. Would I go back again? No doubt! The whole experience is inspiring and uplifting. I highly recommend the "Psychic Parlour".

Petra Bombeck 

January 2  2019

I am so glad I asked Gilly to read my palm. I had no idea what to expect and was blown away by her accurate perceptions. 
Gilly gently insisted on telling me the truth that I needed to hear. Her insight flashed straight to my core, igniting a release from pain that has held me back for too long.
She shed light on my strengths and the pathway to embracing my unique power.
I have enormous gratitude for the beautiful way Gilly has used her gift to help me.

Rachelle Garland 

March 11 2019 


Gilly is a very gifted and special person. We’ve been in contact since a few years, and she’s always so intuitive and very clear with her readings... it’s impressive how sensitive and connected she gets. In times of trouble, she’s always there to help seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with clear and precise words. I do recommend her!

Flavia Fernandes 

March 26 2019

Gilly is not only a wonderful person, friend, soul and coach, she has a wonderful gift to see and interpret precisely the future by reading the cards and connecting with old souls. This has always helped me to be able to take a decision. She can even tell you the right timing for doing something or as in my case, to send out a letter in a given situation.


Always when I am stuck and want to know what to expect and how to continue dealing with something, she is the best advisor, who gives me confidence, a solution and better understanding of what is going on.

She always does everything possible to be there for you when it´s urgent, even when she was on vacation in a far away country, she took time to answer all type of questions. She has been accompanying me in various life-phases and after her readings life seems easier to handle.


Gilly is such a warm, fun and trustworthy person who makes you feel very comfortable to confide in her, especially in the beginning, when you don´t know what to expect. Very honorable also, that she always remembers your personal situation and development, just like your best friend does who is interested in helping you out. I absolutely recommend her to all my friends or anyone who asks me. I can only say that anyone who will meet her can be delighted to have such a talented reader to relate to. Thanks Gilly for existing, for your patience and help!

Karin Fischer 


December 13, 2018 


Gilly is absolutely amazing! My husband and I have readings from her once or twice a year and her predictions are incredible. She really does have ‘the gift’. We’ve recommended her to friends too, who have also found her readings so insightful and helpful. We often find ourselves saying, ‘Gilly said that would happen’! We highly recommend Gilly.

Sophie Atkins 

December 14, 2018 


I recently had a reading with Gilly and was blown away by the accuracy of personal things that I’ve not publicly spoken about. Gilly was warm and welcoming, understanding and kind. The reading was spot on while also being quite funny at times. I left feeling clear and positive about the future but also deeply understood. Such a blessing. Thank you Gilly.

Angie Mediero-Phillips

December 14, 2018 


Congratulations, your search for an A-list tarot reader has ended. Gilly will gently guide you through the cards giving astounding insight into your future. I have experienced first hand Gilly's powerful psychic abilities, but most of all I was touched by her warmth, kindness and understanding like no one else I know. You will leave feeling happier, more positive about life and blessed that the universe has guided you to Gilly.

Michele Walklett 

December 13, 2018 

In all my years as a professional reader, I never experienced or found another tarot reader with the ability or insights that Gilly brings to the table. 
Recommended is an understatement.

Mike Izon  


December 15, 2018 · 


Gilly is very intuitive and takes you through what is to come and sometimes even checking that something she's being told happened in the past is correct. It is of course. I have no hesitation in recommending Gilly, she and her angels will show you the way. 

Anne-Marie Nyberg Savastano